Lady Cuervo - 200520988, Juan Felipe Villegaz - 200710557, Angelica Pineda - 200710327, Leonardo Perdomo - 200520295, Veronica Enriquez - 200520893, Luis Fernando Perdomo - 200410126.


¡¡Oswestry – Where Shropshire Meets Wales!!

Where Shropshire meets Wales, the breathtaking scenery of the Welsh mountains invades Shropshire.
This borderland area is steeped in history, myth and legend, with Oswestry the home of poets, musicians, eccentrics, heroes and villains.
Oswestry is full of dynamic landscapes and beautiful buildings. You will not be disappointed but rewarded with its beauty!


A rugged land of mountains, valleys and coves shaped in a series of breathtaking views.
With a culture stretching back thousands of years, from ancient standing stones and mystical castles to the modern buzz of Cardiff - Europe's ungest capital city.

¡¡Scotland's Castle and Whisky Country!!

Take time to relax in Scotland's Castle and Whisky Country, where the air is pure and the scenery a natural tonic.
Queen Victoria discovered her perfect idyll here and the magic remains undiminished, as does the warmth of our welcome.
Discover fairy tale castles, historic gardens, haunting ruins, our unique Malt Whisky Trail, a walkers' and wildlife paradise - and some very special nineteenth holes for golfers!

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