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Wales is one country of the United Kingdom (U.K.), their capital is Cardiff and the official language is Welsh, English.

Total Area: 20.779 km²

Population: 2.906.500

Monetary unit: British pound sterling (£)

Religions: Calvinistic Methodist, Church of Wales (disestablished—Anglican), Roman Catholic.


Wales is located to the west of England, and it is separated from England for the mountains Cambrian.

Their limits are: to the northwest, west and south with the Irish sea and to the northeast and east with England.

Wales is generally mountainous and the highest crest that has is the mountain Snowdon (3,560 feet, 1,085 m).

GOVERNMENT: constitucional monarchy

- Queen (of the UK) Queen Elizabeth II

- Prime Minister (of the UK)Gordon Brown MP

- First Minister (of Wales)Rhodri Morgan AM

- Secretary of State (In the UK government) Peter Hain MP

Until 1999, Wales was governed by the government of UNITED KINGDOM and a state secretary. In the referendum of 1997, the Welsh citizens voted to establish a national assembly and they settled down that Wales will continue being part of the UNITED KINGDOM and the state secretary for Wales and parliament's of the districts electoral Welsh members it will continue having the seats in parliament. However, Wales wants, control most of its local matters. That which, July 1 1999 were officialised.


Parts of Wales have been a lot industrialised since the 18th century. By the second half of the 19th century, metallurgy had come to dominate the Welsh economy, transforming the landscape and society in the industrial districts of south and north-east Wales.

The modern Welsh economy is dominated by the service sector. In 2000, services contributed 66%, the manufacturing sector contributed 32%, whilst agriculture, forestry and fishing contributed 1.5%.


The most popular sports in Wales are football and Rugby union football; and the football is the preferred sport in north Wales.

In the Welsh cuisine the traditional plate is the lamb meat, because Wales is recognized to raise sheep.

The principal Welsh festival of music and poetry is the National Eisteddfod. This takes place annually in a different town or city.

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