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1 Review and practice Page 14

1 Review and practice Page 14

1. Each sentence has one word missing.Write the missing word in the correct place.

1 i'm quite on watching football.
i'm quite keen on watching football.

2 i stand science fiction films.
i hate stand science fiction films.

3 i like sending text messages.
i really like sending messages.

4 i really the winter.
i really hate the winter.

5 i quite pizza.
i quite like pizza.

6 i absolutely going to the beach.
i absolutely love going to the beach.

7 i mind getting up early.
i don't mind getting up early.

8 i not very keen on dancing.
i'm not very keen on dancing.

2. Complete the dialogues with the correct form of the present simple.

A:do qou get up early.
B:yes, i the weekend i get upat about 6 :30.

A:what time do you start to work?
B:at about 9:00. i go to bed early too.

A:do you go to bed before ten o'clock.
B:no, i don't, but i fall asleep in front of the TV most nights.

A:do you have a snak before you go to bed ?
B:no, i don'ti have dinner late every evening.

A:my brother is a really good swimmer.
B:does he swim a lot ?
A:yes, he does. he gets up very early and swim for two hours before breakfast.
then he goes back to the swimming pool after work.
B:does he go out with his friends much ?
A:only at weekends. he doesn't go out in th week at all.

3. Complete the dialogues using one of the verbs below in the Present Continuous.

A:what are you doing at the moment ?
B:i am sitting on a bus with some friends.

A:what about you?
B:i am having lunch with my family.

A:is jack watching TV?
B:no, he isn't. he is checking his emails.

A:Does you and jhon any exercise at the moment ?
B:yes, lots! we are walking to work and we are noy getting take-away pizzas at the moment.

4. Choose the correct alternatives.

1 i usually go to work by car.
2 it doesn't rain much in the summer here.
3 you are working very hard today.
4 do you prefer tea or coffe ?
5 i'm staying at the Savoy hotel in London for a week.
6 who's that woman? what does she want ?

5. Complete the questions with the correct verb.

1 how often do you go clubbing?
2 do you need an alarm clock to wake up in the morning?
3 do you have a snack before you go to bed ?
4 do you usually listen to the radio at work?
5 where do you usually do your homework?
6 do you find it easy to fall asleep?
7 how often do you catch a bus to work ?
8 how often do you chat on the phone to your best friend?

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