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Biography Eduardo Pimentel Murcia:

Eduardo Pimentel was born in Ubaté (Cundinamarca, Colombia) on September 15 of 1957, he lived there until he was 3 years old and his family moved to Bogotá. He went to school (Gimnasio Moderno) at the age of 5 years, in 1962. Since he was a child, he showed his great abilities playing soccer, in the school he always stood out because of his leadership and his enterprising attitude.

Eduardo graduated from school in 1979 and then he dedicated his time to play professional soccer and to study business administration ay “Los Andes” University. He was professional soccer player for 15 years of his life, time in which he didn’t work as business administrator; instead, he gave all his efforts to soccer. He played in many soccer teams, such as Millonarios, Santa fé, América, Cali and Pereira; he also played in the national soccer team (Selección Colombia). In all the teams he played, he was always one of the best players and he had the opportunity of playing with famous soccer players of the world.

When he retired of soccer, he began to work in business administration, but later he realized that he could have his own company and decided to join together soccer people (partners and players) in order to create a team. This team began playing in youthful divisions, and as it began to win being champion in those tournaments, it had a great growth until it became one of the most important teams in Colombia: “Chicó Fútbol Club”.

Juan Felipe Villegas. Code: 200710557

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