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Carlos Ardilla Lulle Biography

Carlos Ardilla Lulle was born 75 years ago in Bucaramanga, Colombia, and he lived there 15 years. After that, he moved to Medellin and studied civil engineering at “La Escuela de Minas de la Universidad Nacional” in 1950. Starting that moment, he began to work at “Gaseosas Lux” and there, he met his first wife called Maria Eugenia Gaviria, who was the daughter of one of the owners of the company, Mr. Antonio Gaviria. In the fifties, he moved to Bogotá and in 1968 he bought Postobon.

Alter he purchase Postobon, he bought RCN in 1972, Sonolux in 1973, Coltejer in 1978, Los Ingenieros Azucareros in 1979, he started the TV network in 1978, Leona Brewery in 1995, he bought Atletico Nacional soccer team in 1996 and started a private TV Network in 1998, and this are just a few of his most important companies. He had 4 kids, the oldest one called Carlos Julio Ardila Gaviria, who was born in Cali and today has 52 years old, the second one is Antonio Jose who was born in Bogota and has 48 years old, and then, he had to women called Maria Emma and Maria Eugenia.

He is one of the 4 richest people in Colombia, with a fortune that goes over 1000 million dollars. He has investments in the soft drink industry, fabric and communications. He owns over 80 companies and he generates over 40000 employments. His organization is the first one in the world that produces individual sugar. He has the 60% of the soft drink industry in Colombia and he also participates in the glass container industry.

He has won different medals and very important awards in the county, such as “La orden de Boyaca” and “Empresario del Siglo XX”, very important award granted by different deans from different Businesses faculties from Colombia. Because all of this different reasons, I think he is a role model and his life is full of new things and challenges everyday.

Leonardo Perdomo

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