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Country: Spain is located in the Western of Europe.
Capital: Madrid

Population: 45116894 Km2

Language: Spain has the Spanish how the principal language, but is important that in some territories the Spanish according to the respective Statutes change like Catalan (community of Valencia) and Galician.

The principal religion is the catholic (76% of the population), whatever, there are some other religions like the protestant people, Spain has 50.000 members and muslims are the other religions that has 1 million members in Spain thanks to the immigration of Spain Morocco and Sahara Occidental.

Politics: Spain is a constitutional monarchy, the chief of the state is king Juan Carlos I since November 22, 1975. The head of government , president of Spain is José Luis Rodríguez.
Culture: the sport in Spain has been traditionally by football, cycling and bullfighting. The great touristic attraction of the country has caused an improvement of the sports infrastructure, especially for water sports, golf and skiing.

Luis Fernando Perdomo 200410126

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