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Leonardo Perdomo Uribe Cod: 200520295

National Name : Estados Unidos Mexicanos.
President: Felipe Calderón Hinojosa (2006 – 2012)
Total Area: 1.984.375 km2
Population (2005) : 103,263,388
Birth Rate:
Infant Mortality Rate:
Life Expectancy:
Capital and largest city : Mexico D.F 8.720.916 hab.
Monetary Unit : Peso Mexicano
Languajes : Spanish and 62 differents indians lenguajes.
Race: White (mostly Spanish and North Americans)
Religions: Catholics 95 %, Jewish 2%, Protestants 1%, other 1%.
Literacy rate: (90.8% est 2005)

Economic summary: ( 2003 est)
Unemployment: 3.3 %
Agriculture: sugar, rice,beens,cotton.
Industries: paper, iron industries, lether industries.
Natural resources: oil, corn, wood, coffe, cows, iron.
Exports: tequila, pepper.
Imports: fruits and some meets.

The first in Central America in size and population, is one of the biggest countries in America , Mexico is bordered on the north with United States of America, on the southeast with Guatemala y Belice.
Mexico is ruled by Madre Oriental and Madre Occidental mountains.


Radio broadcast stations: 152 radio station
Television broadcast stations: 51 television station



It starts around 1500 with flyers that were distributed all over town. In the XVII century, the newspapers as they are shown now-a-days show up. The purpose of the first newspapers was to purely inform people what was happening at the moment. After Independence Day, politics start to show up and it creates a difficult ambiance on people and cities. Topics such as arts, industry, commerce, vogue, literature, theatres and others start to show up after that as well. In 1990, 30% of Mexican population knew how to read and newspapers were born, such as El Pais, La Nacion and El Imparcial. Later, El Universal and El Excelsior were born as well. At this moment, the news start to take an important part of society and printers, journalist, editors and reporters among others were born.


The first time the radio was used was in 1921, in Mexico City. The type of shows that were hit at the time was musical displays. The intention of the network was to entertain the listeners and show the national talent. Some soap operas were a hit as well. And last, but not least, the news started to take off. Later on, the main intention with radio was to sell and advertise. Radio is not very big on news and social problems that happen in Mexico. They prefer to show entertainment.


The beginning of television broadcast in Mexico was to gain status. It didn’t matter to families if they were able to afford it or not, they were just ready to pay the price and get rid of other services in order to get a TV. There were even some people that didn’t have the TV receptors, but had the antennas on their roof in order to show that they had something that they didn’t. In the beginning of 1900, color TV started to show up and networks were created, with specific subjects for specific audiences. The networks were divided and started to get more specific with the topics they were showing to their target audiences, so they could become the best on their specific areas.

Leonardo Perdomo Uribe Cod: 200520295

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