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Exercises pag. 34

Answer the questions below with going to and the word in brackets.

Have you finished the report? (Tomorrow)

No, I’m going to finish it tomorrow.

1. Have you had something to eat? ( later)

No I’m going to eat later.

2. Have you taken the dog for a walk? ( after dinner )

No, I’m going to take the dog for a walk after dinner.

3. Have you bought Mary a birthday present? ( at the weekend )

No, I’m going to buy Mary a birthday present at the weekend.

4. Have you painted the spare bedroom? ( on Tuesday)

No, I’m going to paint the spare bedroom on Tuesday.

5. Have you cleaned the bathroom? ( in the morning)

No, I’m going to clean the bathroom in the morning.

  1. Make questions with going to for each situation.

Your friend tells you that she is going into town.

What are you going to buy?

1. Your friend has said he definitely wants to give up smoking.

When are you going to give up smoking?

2. Peter tells you that it’s Jane’s birthday next week.

Are you going to give her present?

3. Your friend has bought a painting

Where are you going to put it?

4. You see a friend filling a bucket with hot water.

Are you going to wash the car?

  1. Make one sentence from two. Use who, which or where. ( You may sometimes need to leave out a word.)

This is the car. I would like to buy it.

This is the car which I would like to buy.

  1. A waiter brought us our food. He was very friendly.

The waiter who brought us our food was very friendly.

  1. This is a restaurant. John asked me to marry him here.

This is the restaurant where John asked me to married him.

  1. A train goes to the airport. It runs every twenty minutes.

The train which goes to the airport runs every 20 minutes.

  1. Some men robbed the post office. They escaped in a black BMW.

The men who robbed the post office escaped in a black BMW.

  1. This is the corner of the road. The accident happened here.

This is the corner of the road where the accident happened.

  1. Find and correct four Present Continuous mistakes in this conversation.

A: Hi Tim! What are you doing this evening?

B: Not a lot. Actually, I’m probably having a quiet evening at home alone.

A: Why don’t you come round to my house?

I am inviting a few friends over for dinner.

B: I’m not sure. I’m quite tired.

A: How about tomorrow night?

B: I’m going to see a film with my brother. Why don’t you come too?

A: Great! I’d love to.

6. Choose the correct word or phrase to complete the sentences.


Tasty, vegetarian disgusting recipe

Cooker low marks work abroad chef


Yuk! This food is absolutely disgusting.

1 We’ve just bought a new electric cooked

2 Who is the new chef at that restaurant?

3 I want to be a vegetarian but I like meat too much

4 I’d love work abroad – perhaps in New York.

5 That meal gets low marks from me. It was horrible!

6 That looks very tasty. Can I have some?

7 It smells great. How does it taste?

8 I’m cooking for Ruth tonight. Do you know a recipe for chicken and spinach?

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